Tips for Busy Pet Owners


Tips for busy pet owners and pet families to help get you through the week without a moment to lose and with time to spare.

Whether you have joined the work-from-home crowd or remained in your office through this last year’s chaotic changes, you have no doubt felt a crunch for time and struggled to make time for your pet! In another scenario, maybe you’ve been feeling an urge to check the local shelter’s online postings in hopes of finding your own furry companion to bring home but feel conflicted looking at your already stacked calendar! What if you don’t have time to meet your new buddy’s needs? Either way, a hectic schedule can feel like a cluster of burdens, and unfortunately, this can affect your ability to be a devoted and diligent pet owner. Like you, our POOP 911 pet waste removal team stays occupied, but our number one priority is loving your pups the way you do. That’s why we’ve taken the time to combine some helpful tips for busy pet owners!

Tips for busy Pet Owners: Schedule in advance

We’re told early on that time management is everything for living a balanced and productive lifestyle; this fact is also true when allocating time for your pup’s basic needs. Grab your planner, calendar, or for those more inclined to the digital lifestyle – your virtual organizer and start jotting down the essential visits. This includes grooming, healthcare, doggy groceries, and training if your dog is still in its early stages. For grooming, you’re typically looking at a monthly visit, and this differs by breed. When it comes to your doggy’s health, you’ll want to make sure he checks in with the vet for heartworm and flea prevention – if you can get both done during one visit, then you’ve hit the two birds with one stone! Nowadays, we have the luxury of shopping for groceries online, and in the current climate, it’s probably much safer. Find your groceries, include your doggy’s necessities and select a pickup time that’s convenient for you or have groceries delivered if that’s available. That alone should save you from wandering aimlessly and wondering how an hour and a half has passed!

Tips for busy Pet Owners: Hire a helper

Determine which part of your pet’s care you need the most help with, and then seek the appropriate services. One of the best aspects of pet care is that you don’t have to do it alone! There’s an entire world of pet helpers out there waiting to fill in for you when necessary. Consider a doggy daycare – this will allow your pet to socialize and play while you rally through your to-do list. If you’re struggling to find time to poop, scoop or walk your dog, give your local POOP 911 team a call and schedule a weekly or bi-weekly service set up to meet those essential doggy needs! This particular pet waste removal squad will show up as often as you need and keep both your pup and your yard in fantastic shape and your first cleanup is absolutely free. Nobody said that getting a dog has to be a solo operation. Seek out the helpers today and find services tailored to your needs.

Tips for busy Pet Owners: Bonding

In the last year, social media posts poked fun at doggies for being bad assistants or sleeping on the job. Of course, this is because many Americans are now working remotely from the comfort of their home office. This means that pet owners who are also professionals get a sweet silver lining of spending time with their pups as they’re completing work online. Allow yourself to hit “save,” lower the laptop screen, and focus your attention on your doggy. Yes, this is also a suggestion for those who are buried in work and hurriedly meeting deadlines! Bonding with your pup can be a brief 15 to 20 minutes of indoor fetch, tummy rubs (for the dog), or just a time for mutual affection. This will do wonders for your mood and probably your sanity after those hefty computer screen hours. Pro tip: go for a 20-minute walk – not only will you get a much-needed break, you and your doggy will also get some exercise! Allocating some time in your schedule for bonding and a walk may sound like the last thing you should be doing with your current workload, but it is also one of the best ways to reset and return to work re-energized. Plus, look at how excited your pup gets knowing that for a short while, you made direct eye contact after hours behind that screen!

The reality is, not everyone is cut out for the pet owner lifestyle, or it may just not be that season in your life right now. That’s okay! If you’re an avid dog lover but can’t have one of your own, consider fostering a dog through a local shelter, or when you find the time – visit with a friend who has a dog. Sometimes those few hours are enough! It’s important to assess how a dog will fit into your lifestyle! For current owners, take into account that there’s a way around your hecti

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