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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is a director of Bhola Shola Pet Services and Farm Private Limited. In his videos, you can get deep knowledge about pets in the Hindi Language. He also tells most of the hidden aspects of Dog Business and Pets Business.

Pet quality” has a couple of definitions. A pet quality puppy is one that would not do well in the show ring or one that should not be bred according to the breeder’s best judgment.

Since conformation showing is judged on a dog’s appearance in relation to the written standard or description of the breed, flaws as simple as color, markings, coat texture and the amount of tail curl can prevent a puppy from being graded show quality by its breeder.

Performance events for the sporting breeds require keen aptitude which a good breeder can sense in a young puppy. The next definition is more subtle. Show dog breeders usually develop a certain signature look to the kennel. A kennel may be known for certain head type (style), certain colorations, builds, movement, performance ability, retrieving aptitude etc. A show dog breeder will be able to recognize, even in seven-week-old puppies, which puppies best represent the breeding program and therefore should be placed, if possible, where they will be shown and potentially bred, thus promoting the breeder’s program. The other puppies may be wonderful show prospects also, but not quite as good as their littermates. A breeder may choose to place those show quality puppies in companion homes.

What is most important, however, is that the correct puppy is matched with the correct home, be it a show home or a companion home. Both types of homes are equally important. The right home gives that puppy the best chance of a life-long loving relationship with its owner.

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