Newborn Unicorn Welcome Party

As you can see even from the title this game will lead you to another kind of horse experience and that will actually challenge you to learn new things and of course to define a clear process when it comes to bringing a baby animal in this life. There are certain things you might know and even if you don’t know them from beginning you might learn them on the way, just pay attention. A pregnant unicorn is a big responsibility and if you want to be prepared for when you will start the journey you should definitely try to check all the health verifications. The mom will go through some medical routine procedures in order to be ready. First, you will check her pulse, then you will inject some vitamins, the body temperature and the heart beats are next. Use the special ultrasounds device to see the baby in the belly. Feed her with the fruits and then help her to get in the perfect mood for birth-giving with the headphones on the tummy.

View Orginal Video here.