MashaAllah || Small setup for Australorp in Pakistan || #petcare

Assalamu alaikum ….

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Disclaimer :
This Channel Only Share Pets /Aseels Videos for information Purpose
because majority of pets lover do not know how to Lookafter birds at
home, we love pets and try to share all those information with viewers
for to help them look after their pets and make them healthy, we don’t
harm pets during our videos, some time we need to show some
important points of Aseel/Pets for which we hold them with proper care
in our hands, although pets some time resist but we hold them with full
care and love,our main Purpose is to educate viewers and spread animal
love and care.
There is no harmful act in this video.
We show our love with All Bird and animals in our videos
All the Bird and animals in this video are treated with proper care and love.There is no harmful act in this videos.
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