Huge dominant Pitbull challenges Handler! DOG Training! SUBMIT ANY DOG!

DOG TRAINING: HOW TO PROPERLY SUBMIT ANY DOG! Huge dominant pitbull challenges owner and and battles him as an alpha. There are many large breed dogs and small breed dogs that are both dominant and alpha and will try to challenge their owner. This video will show you how to properly submit any dog of any breed and become a dominant owner that your dog respects. This is full submission dog training video. I HAVE ONLY SEEN SIDE SUBMISSION DOG TRAINING VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE, AND FOR THE LARGE DOGS I OWN IT IS NOT EFFECTIVE. Dog training for dominant alpha dogs. I have only seen SIDE SUBMISSION videos online and no true FULL SUBMISSION videos. FULL SUBMISSON FOR A LARGE DOMINANT DOG IS MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY SIDE SUBMISSION WILL EVER BE. how to handle a large aggressive dog.

How to control your dominant dog without hitting him. This dog submission method has worked for me as an XL American bully breeder over the last 15 years
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