How to Tame a Scared feral cat

Meet Dormouse, a 4 month old male feral kitten who needs some serious socialization work before he can go up for adoption. In this first video we demonstrate how to handle a kitten who is lashing out in fear and the first steps to gaining trust.

Update for 2019! Here are some great products that we now use here at Kitten School for calming a shy or frightened kitty. All are proven safe and effective to use on cats:

Feliway – This plug-in diffuser mimics natural feline pheromones that the cats can smell and is calming to many cats. We have used this here at Kitten School for years and I think it has helped keep the peace with my resident cats, who sometimes resent the “intrusion” of foster kitties on their territory. The scent is not noticeable to humans and you just plug it in the wall, where it will waft the calming pheromones into the air. Might take a week or so to notice a difference, but many multi-cat owners swear by it! Here’s a link to a starter kit including the plug-in diffuser and refill:

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets – This homeopathic herbal calming formula has been used to help people relax for ages and is now available in a pet formula safe for cats. A few drops in your cat’s food or water can help calm him or her in stressful times, such as a trip to the vet, moving, or the introduction of a new kitty into the house:

Please note, I will occasionally put affiliate links for products that I have used and trust to be of good quality. If you buy these products through one of my affiliate links, I will earn a small commission on the purchase. This support goes towards the ongoing care for the foster cats and kittens who are here at Kitten School and every bit helps. Thank you!

View Orginal Video here.

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