How to Keep your Hamster/Small Pet Cool in Summer |

Are you having trouble keeping your hamster cool or want to make summer the most comfortable for your hamster/Syrian hamster? In today’s video, you can find 17 tips for just this. Where I live it can get up in the hundreds (F) in the summer. The room I keep my hamster in can sometimes get up in the higher 70s. I use these tips to keep my room, my hamster, and his cage comfortable. I like to keep a thermometer on his cage to monitor the temperature. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more of my videos, please subscribe!

HAMSTERS SHOULD NEVER GET WET! It’s just a fun thumbnail. Hey everyone! I hope all of y’all and your pets are staying cool this summer!

PS. If your cat/dog/ other animal might mess with your hamster, its best to keep the door shut. (Tip 12)


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The thumbnail was edited. Hamsters should never get wet.

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