How To Keep Dog Off Bed in 10 Simple Steps

There is nothing wrong with having your dog sleep in your bed. In fact, a majority of pet owners like having their pooch snuggle in bed with them. However, some owners complain that they don’t sleep as well with their pup in their bed. If you fall into this second category, learning how to keep dog off bed is going to be necessary for you to get a good night’s rest. Read the full guide here:

If you’ve provided your dog with a high quality pet bed but he still jumps up to sleep with you, this habit can be changed. With a little time and patience (and a lot of praise and treats), your dog can be taught to sleep in his own bed. You may even be surprised to find that he enjoys having his own space more than he likes sleeping with you.

“At first, put the bed in an area where your dog spends a lot of time. After a few days, the bed will start to absorb the smells of your home, your human family members and your pets. With time and patience, your dog will start spending more time on the bed. Eventually, he’ll be comfortable taking naps or sleeping through the night on his comfy new resting spot.”

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