See how I’m Growing Emersed Aquarium Plants in my basement!!
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I’ve been asked like 100 times to show my emersed aquarium plants set up that I have in my basement. So here it is: A simple guide on how to grow emersed aquarium plants!

I’m using one of several 80x40x20cm custom build shallow aquariums with a sliding Terrarium Lid system. I used to have a rack of 4 to breed shrimps. You can use any kind of aquarium, or simply plastic boxes from IKEA. All you need is a transparent lid.

For me best emersed aquarium plants growth is achieved under T5 light. It produces enough heat to keep the plants cozy warm throughout the year without additional heater and it has some UV which helps combat with mould and fungus. I use a timer that is setup for 12h/day.

My secret weapon to grow aquarium plants emersed is to add some springtails. This little guys make the emersed plant setup bioactive. Because they naturally feed on stuff like algae mould and fungus.

Springtail Video from SerpaDesign

Make sure to provide enough nutrients in the water and don’t worry about algae, your plants grow above water and are not affected by whats on the bottom.

Also make sure to have some sort of ventilation openings.


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