Belgian Malinois Puppy Training | Basic Obedience

Hey Guys!
Today, Kai is showing off his new tricks! Cairo/”Kai” is my 2,5 months old Belgian Malinois puppy, and so far he’s doing great! He learned some commands such as come, sit, lie down, stay, leave it, and a bonus command in progress, roll over. Still a lot to improve, but he’s taking his time, slow but steady. It’s relatively easy to train him new tricks, but he’s still very young and still learning the basic luring. If he’s not in the mood, our training sessions won’t become effective, so I’m using one of his favorite treats ever, boiled eggs! We’ll come back soon, with brand new tricks and also improvements! If you think Kai is doing a great job, leave a thumbs up, and if you want to see more, do subscribe to our channel! There are already many updates on my Maligator, Cobra Kai , be sure to check it out!

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