Baby bird feeding Red-Whiskered Bulbul Easy Pet Care

If you are having a baby bird with you and do not know how to feed it, you are in a great emergency.
I, personally, have got no veterinary doctor near me, so when I found this baby, I searched youtube, google and failed to find detailed article on what they actually feed and how. That is why I made this – for you not to feel struggle feeding a loving, in-danger baby bird. Go through the description to find details on it.

Birds do not feed on milk proteins. From the day of hatching, they consumes half digested foods from their parents at first and then fruits, insects and grains later on.

If you come up with little baby bird not even has grown its feathers well, you must understand it is now living a period requires intensive care.

From the intensive care period, you can feed them grist (ছাতু, sattu) mixed with a little warm water (distilled water or boiled water preferred), white parts of eggs, water (distilled or boiled), vitamin B complex (Becosule capsule) – very very very small amount (you do not want them suffer from hypervitaminosis).

When to feed:
In the intensive care period, you must feed them once every two hours between the period of 5 AM to 7 PM [vitamin – once a day (replace the plain water with vitamin mixed water), calcium/egg-white – three to four times (replace the grist pulp of schedule with egg-white)].
When the period is over, try feeding once every three – four hours.

How to feed:
Intensive care period: grist pulp – with a water dropper or something like that. Do not use spoons. It may hurt their beak. Try feeding at the very first time. They may not open their beak again if they are frightened. Maximum amount of food is 5 to 10 gram according to the response of the baby. Vitamin- mix the capsule in a litter of water – use it for two days – 5 ml a day (approx).

Later, you can make balls of grist that is soft and wet enough for them to swallow. You can increase the amount of food as your interval time is increased. Before they get frightened, at the very first time you meet them, if you take your finger towards them, they open their beak for food. THIS is the moment you have to use. Try feeding at that moment. Or it will take 4 to 8 minutes for you. Try not hurting them or forcing them feeding.
They can not drink water like us with the help of tongue. Try drinking them water with dropper (drop – by – drop) when their beaks are open upside.

The only website that helped me a lot in this case is this. Thanks to rehabbersden.,%20page%202.html

View Orginal Video here.

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