5 ways to make your cat more affectionate

While some cats love sitting in your lap and soaking up cuddles other despise the presence of their owners despite their desperate attempts to cuddle them. The main cause for this reclusive behaviour is the lack of human contact in the first 7 weeks of a cat’s life. Other causes could be emotional and physical traumas. No matter the cause, with some perseverance, patience and affection your cat can become more social. Try the following to make the bonding with your cat a positive experience:

1. Provide positive reinforcement with treats. Reward you cat each time you share an affectionate moment to teach the advantages of social behaviour.

2. Spread your scent. Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell. Rub yours cat’s bedding to spread your scent – your cat will associate your scent with a peaceful and relaxing state.

3. Practice cat communication. Slow blink to your cat to show her that you are not a threat. Very effective and simple!

4. Don’t let your cat hide. Gradually block all the hiding spaces so that the cat is pushed to rest or play in the plain view. Provide more cat space to make your cat feel comfortable.

5. Give your cat affection, but do not push the limit. Talk often and friendly to your cat. Do not yell or punish your cat. Do everything on your cat’s terms.

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