15 Tips BEFORE Buying Aquarium Gear! EP: 7

Buying tank equipment can be hard. What do you need? Where should you spend your money? What’s a bio-denitrator? There are a million questions to ask which can be entirely overwhelming. Well, Matthew is here this week to help you answer some of these questions and give you his top 15 tips to help out on your aquarium journey.
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00:00 – Intro
01:07 – Read The Reviews
01:52 – Keep It Simple
02:38 – Formulate Realistic Goals
03:27 – Be Patient
04:40 – Allow Yourself To Fail
05:40 – Get Excited
06:16 – Involve Your Significant Other
07:27 – Buy An RO/DI Filter
08:31 – Set Up A Quarantine Tank
09:31 – You Don’t Need Fancy Gear… You Need The Right Gear
10:30 – Spend More Money On The Gear you See
11:35 – Buy 1 Piece Of Gear With Each Paycheck
12:26 – Buy The Tank You’ll Want One Year From Now
13:16 – Buy An Extra Heater & Utility pumps
14:01 – Don’t Blow Your Budget Up-Front
14:58 – Outro

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