10 Tips to RVing with Dogs

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When we started our full-time RV journey, we knew right away that our dog and best friend Presley would be along for the ride. Having your dog with you while you RV is a great way to build memories with your fur baby. However, RVing with dogs does come with a few challenges. Our 10 tips to better RVing with dogs will hopefully help you and Fido enjoy the adventure.

We also pay homage and honor our dog, Presley. We lost Presley this week, tragically, suddenly leaving us with many questions. He did pass away in our RV while we ran a quick errand to the store. We were gone less than an hour. However, Presley was in good health. The temperature was only 70° inside our rig. We think it may have been a heart attack, as when we adopted Presley, most in his litter had known heart issues, but not Presley.

This loss has left a big hole in our hearts and our RV home. While we think we did everything right and couldn’t have prevented such a sudden loss, we got to thinking; we could do something in Presley’s honor. Our loss could help other dog owners learn how to RV with dogs. We could encourage others to take their furry best friend on adventures and live like the best days are always ahead of you.

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