▷ How do you TAKE CARE of CATS and the DOGS

People say that we humans are moody and quite choosy. Well, it’s true if you are the one who doesn’t have any pet. Though you may disagree but pet lovers like me would definitely say yes to that. These little creatures have become such an important part of our lives, that we can’t imagine spending a day without them. Though there are numerous kinds of pets we see when we look around our neighbourhood, however, cats and dogs are some of the most common we usually see. They are usually more friendly, always seeks attention and undoubtedly quite charming. To keep them is one thing but to take proper care of them is another. This is exactly we are here as we are going to tell you that how do you take care of cats and dogs.

Why they need extra attention

To be honest, there is a very simple question for that and it is, “because they are special”. Still, as not everyone thinks the same so we need to reason with you about why they need extra attention.

Don’t skip the exercise day

First of all the physical well-being of the pets is very essential. You may skip your leg day, but never ignore your pets when it comes to the daily walk with your dog or taking the cat somewhere. Cats remain active at home, especially at night while some are lazy. So you cant simply leave it to them. So that’s why exercise is a must for them.

Keep them clean

They are pets, not your socks so make sure that they are clean and look good. Give them a shower after some days. This will help you to keep them clean and more used to the water. Though cats usually hate water but they can’t keep doing this always so keep trying.

Don’t ignore them

They need the training and proper attention of their owner. Don’t ignore them as ignoring them means less training and, and less training means they won’t heed much to your instructions. So spend more time with them, play with them and if it’s ok then make them aware of your friends and family. They don’t need to do it usually, they just don’t understand. 

Accept food from you only

You should be the one who provides food to them. Don’t let them have it on their own. It is necessary as this might cause some accident. Like consuming something that’s maybe poison, or something that isn’t healthy. They are more like an infant, so if you don’t show proper care to them, they might most likely fell ill, by consuming something unhealthy or worse. 

Veterinary visits are a must

Pets are not like us. We may not need a check-up after weeks or months perhaps. However, they definitely need more attention and care, specifically health & veterinary care. So don’t hesitate or show laziness when there is a time for veterinary care. Ignoring this might create severe health issues so take them to animal care centre after few weeks.

How do you take care of cats and dogs

Some people believe that the age of the dog or cats can make a difference when it comes to their care. However, this isn’t the case as regardless of their age they need an equal amount of care, attention and affection. We usually hear this question that how do you take care of cats and dogs, and mainly people treats them separately in their writings. Though there are some things that are exactly the same in both cats and dogs.

Proper and Hygienic food

Keeping an adequate amount of food for your dogs and cats are important and if you have both cats and dogs at your home, then keep a separate bowl for them. The food you purchase for them must have the approval of government food authorities. Don’t go for cheap or unhealthy food always go for the right one. If your pet is having some health issues then consult the veterinary doctor and only go for food that your doctor recommends.

Abundance of Water

Trust me, you don’t want your pet to remain dirty and unwashed. This would create health issues, so keep them clean and this is possible if you are not facing from water shortage. Keep separate water bowls if you have more than one pet, and keep their water bowls clean.

Elimination of waste

This cannot be ignored, generally in the case of puppies. They cant hold their urine for long so it’s better to take them out for a walk after 3 to 4 hours. Those who are an adult can go for around 8 hours. Cats don’t need a walk much, so you don’t face such issues with them.

Keep them under the provision

If you are the one who pets both dogs and cats. Then make sure that you don’t let them stay alone for long, as they are not used to such interactions. So allow their interaction only when you are nearby. So in case of any accident you are close to them and prevent any sort of fight.

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